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Hi there!

Welcome to a glimpse of what started off as a hobby but progressed into a career.
Yes, I write code to survive!

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Time to up my game

For the longest time now friends and colleagues have said to me that I would look miles better with no hair and a goatie. Some have even shared that video on Youtube with me; Go bald & grow a goatie...

Implementing custom functions with in WordPress

So right now I find myself continuing to code and develop a new website for a current client. This website is being developed from the ground up based off of the WordPress CMS due to its extensive functionality and scope...

Creating a connection api for a client and WordPress

So earlier in the month it would seem that despite being equally busy with all my other project work I have going on I found myself with the additional task of coding a plugin for WordPress that could handle external...

Constructing a worflow board application in VueJS

After spending many hours trawling through web results for how to achieve such a task and contacting several of my developer friends, comrades and acquaintances Im happy to say that together we have found a viable solution.

Tailored workflow board - VueJS

Whilst I admit the concept for this project started out as a bit of an ambitious task, I’m pleased to say that a few weeks to a month later the application has come full circle and what I set out...