In short,

Hey there, I’m John. At the moment I’m rocking the receding hairline look (although it seems to be more of a permenant feature these days) but sshh, don’t tell anyone!
Im currently living in a parallel universe to my alter-ego where I believe in the idea that less is more. I also have a huge passion for code and writing it (obviously)…
Alongside that I have a hightened interest in everything Aviation, from planes to radio communications & during my downtime I like to fly and control traffic in a virtual simualator with other like minded individuals. But of course that is when I’m not busy producing coded masterpieces for the greater good!

Now for the long version,

I hope your sitting comfortably because we could be a while, just kidding; I’ll keep it brief but I feel its only fair to you if I tell you a little about my journey of code and how it led me to this point right now.
It all started a long time ago, with a friend of mine suggesting that he wanted to branch out and become self sufficent too. Whilst he chose photography back then and didn’t really hesitate on his new business idea or skillset. It got me to thinking; what could I do that was some-what similar but wasn’t the same…
I needed something too, that would stimulate my interest and continue to do so, as I developed and worked on my new found skillset of choice. So I got into web development, initially: learning Html/Css and graduating from there to more complex languages and frameworks such as Php, content managemed systems, Ruby on rails and finally settling with Javascript and its frameworks.
Whilst most of that experience has been in startups and smaller companies where I’ve “worn many different hats,” dealing with issues both front-end and back-end depending on task requirement. This allowed me to increase my knowledge of systems two-fold whilsts affording me the much needed live project time I needed to enhance my experience. I have been very fortunate to work with some top agencies to date on various project briefs from Websites, to PWA’s, to desktop applications, cloud applications and beyond all the while every moment of the experience contributing to one massive learning curve and well if Im honest I believe we never stop learning either, whether it is from each other or ourselves.
My desire is to continue to work with individuals and business organisations that are not simply interested in my technical skills but share the same passion I have for developing products and services for the future. I want to partner with individuals and businesses that care about making an impact on the community as a whole.

I Promise you thats it, if you want to know more then hit me up on Twitter @letsinvolvejohn.