Whilst I admit the concept for this project started out as a bit of an ambitious task, I’m pleased to say that a few weeks to a month later the application has come full circle and what I set out to achieve has been exceeded above and beyond even my expectations.

A bit of background on the application brief:

The concept behind my idea is a simple one really. It takes the very popular Trello app layout and combines the simplest of functions like the element of creating to-do lists and tasks and allows the user to customise the experience on a very basic level by giving them the option of setting their own list categories or choosing from the prebuilt and defined categories list contained within the project scaffold itself.

This project wouldn’t have been possible if it hadn’t been for a fellow Javascript developer @DaveStewart as he provided the perfect scaffolding framework only for me to build upon.

That being said the project scaffold itself has been predominantly coded with the use of Vue.js – whilst I know Javascript this framework was indeed one I am unfamiliar with. So it has to be said I’ve had fun with this one and spent most of my downtime trawling through Google, Twitter & Stack Overflow for the answer to all my problems all the while hoping to improve my knowledge of the Vue framework. Furthermore I am aware there are still a few teething problems I have to address.

Whats next for the project you may ask:

Well keep on reading and I shall share my game plan with you further.  Ever since I started this project my hope has always been to allow users to give the lists some personality and to do this my initial thoughts were to add some user authentication to the project. So in the coming weeks and months along with my trusty connections and tools I hope to build some form of user authentication into the project and Im lead to believe it all starts with persisted state in Vuex, Vue and Redux.

So all thats left for me to say is: wish me luck & of course Happy holidays and all the best for the coming year.