When it comes to the importance of version control such methods can prove to be part of a beneficial workflow. Depending on the project brief depends on whether I need to utilise GIT however most of the time I will be sure to include it if I feel the project code, will be useful to me at a later date.

Note: Not every project we undertake requires version control.

For the rest of my spare time that I spend dabbling in the realms of other coding languages & frameworks I rely on GIT version control as much as the next person. Two of my favourite languages/frameworks (Javascript & Ruby On Rails) are heavily dependant on the relationship of version control and repository websites like Github & Rubygems. If I didn’t make use of these resources or understand them at least a little then functional masterpieces in the above languages and inclusive frameworks wouldn’t exist.

Feel free to visit my Github profile & familiarise yourself with the platform and how project dependancies are created and managed.

Keep track of what matters, Its not a race - InvolveJohn