For the longest time now friends and colleagues have said to me that I would look miles better with no hair and a goatie. Some have even shared that video on Youtube with me; Go bald & grow a goatie or something to that end. If I can find the link I will be sure to provide it for you here, so that you to can get the theme song stuck in your head.

Anyway I digress, with the evidence of my receeding hairline and no sign of it disappering anytime soon, I have spent many of the last months with short hair and a varied range of beards, but finally this week was the final straw and well I went all out and embraced my new look. That being said Im feeling very confident in myself, confident to a level where I have never had it before and for me now its time to continue to look after myself and feel better in everything I do rather than just some things, but I have to be honest and say the motivation came from Matt D’Avella’s video - How to not give a fuck, as does much of my inspirations as I continue on my quest of living the best, simple life I can and to the fullest.

I therefore urge anyone who is looking to better themselves to take a chance, I promise you will come out the other side ok and if you come out happier in yourself and life choices then I guess its a win, win! It can only get better from here on out, so get started improving yourself today.

Bald to badass in two easy steps

Take a chance! You may end up happier because of it - InvolveJohn