So earlier in the month it would seem that despite being equally busy with all my other project work I have going on I found myself with the additional task of coding a plugin for WordPress that could handle external API requests and their data to go along side.

Admittedly at first I thought that I was indeed in to deep as I have never done this sort of thing before, neither had I seen it done by anyone. After some trawling around on the interwebs however I found out that it was a problem that could be solved easily and got to coding a solution.

Whilst I continued to refer to relevant excerpts of documentation I had sourced and continued to converse with like minded developers about the issue I got to coding the solution.

Finally after a few weeks I am now ready to release the production version of the plugin to the clients server and start testing to see if it meets the desired requirements and pulls all the necessary data needed.

Whilst I do this I will endeavour to keep you updated on my progress however just in case I don’t feel free to follow my progress on Instagram & Twitter as I have been known to post short progress updates on those individual platforms.